Monday, April 13, 2009

My IIM Lucknow GD/PI Experience

Venue – IIML, Noida
For the 1st time, found people with 4-5 years of experience(Yahan pe kya kar rahe ho bhai????). Just underlined the point that IIM L really values experience more than anything…

GD process –
Time to write summary – 10 mins
Time for discussion – 20 mins

So, our 2 panelists began the proceedings.
Old Lady(OL)
Young Man(YM)

The topic – The start of Germany is not success(Germany ye kaha se aa gaya bhai, Germany ke unification ke baare main hai kya)

Peeped into the sheet of the chap sitting besides me. He had written “The start of joining is not success”............(Abhi se joining?????)

Asked YM to repeat the topic. Then finally got the topic
“The start of journey is not success”. Didn’t want to commit a suicide by writing down the wrong topic. Again asked for the topic. He appeared perked up…Came up to me to show the paper with the topic……(Lo Dekho……..)

Writing – For first 2 minutes, went really blank. Kya likhun bhai, isme.. Then, slowly composed myself and wrote some good points….

The GD – The start was characteristically chaotic. 3-4 ppl started at the same time. One went on and gave a decent intro. Out of the 8 ppl, 7 ppl got a chance to speak. Told how achieving success in the beginning leads to complacency.
We were interrupted midway as it was getting a bit chaotic according to OL...didnt appear though to be chaotic.....
I compared the journey to a life, How life is full of ups and downs like a journey. So, a person must carry on inspite of all troubles. The group discussed how planning is important, irrespective of initial success. I told the popular proverb, “A good start is half the job done”. Told it’s only half the job done, the rest half remains to be done. Someone chipped in with the luck factor. Another chap, chipped in with the project management techniques. I told we should consider a journey in night and day, u cover-up more distance and rest during night.
One guy was trying to reach a consensus. I interrupted him. Felt had more examples to give. Gave the example of tortoise-rabbit story and climbing the mountain. The other guy still concluded after another person had concluded. I gave my mini-conclusion.

The PI
YM – Young Man
OL – Old Lady
Me – The innocent and meek kid

I was first up.

OL – So, Tell me about urself
Me – Blah, blah, blah…

OL – Why does every candidate now-a-days learn dancing. Just for the sake of interview
Me – Maam, I have been dancing since 2nd yr

OL – Have u learnt dancing
Me – Yes Maam, For 1 month. From them on, I have choreographed my group’s dances....

(YG was busy tallying my matriculation marks)

OL – What is the latest political development in Orissa
Me – Told about the BJD-BJP fallout. Gave the reason…Also told about the attacks on Christians. Couldn’t recollect the name of the Swami…

YM – Have u heard of POSCO
Me – blah,blah,blah

YM – So, what do u work upon in Samsung.
Me – Blah, blah, blah

YM – What are the different hardware developments of late....
Me- Sir(kaha jaa rahe ho)…I am not much into h/w

YM – What are the different subjects in h/w
ME – AE, DE( Forgot to mention Microprocessors and all)

YM – U didn’t have a lot of h/w in ur subjects?
Me- We had very less exposure to hardware
YM didn’t bug me more.........Thankfully............

OL – Tell me about the marketing strategy of Samsung.
Me – Blah, blah, blah

Cant recollect my project came somewhere into the discussion…

YM - we are done with you. Thank you
Me- Thank you Sirs.

While leaving asked them about whether work-ex docs need to be provided..They told nt required......

PI lasted for just 15-20 minutes.
Was found wanting on the h/w questions. Didn’t sound confident.
Might have appeared aggressive in the GD.
Fingers crossed for the results. Let’s hope for the best.
An ominous weightage for work-ex..

IIM L over

Final Status - Converted

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