Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CAT - Capricious Admission Test

Life changes so drastically.
Just when you settle down in you cocoon and think that life will go on as it is. It takes a sudden turn and throws you into the maelstrom of uncertainties. If only life could be predicted.
I had prepared well for CAT exam for two long years 2007 and 2008. But, I was able to muster a very average performance. Such is the cruelty of CAT, that not only do you have to manage a certain percentile in total but also in the individual subjects(For those who dont know Maths,English and Logical Ability).
People can have all the ability in the world and all the determination in the world, but when it comes to CAT, it all boils down to the 2.5 hours of the exam. It took me two long years to realise this. I used to belong to an older school of thought that believed in the benefits of hard work. But hard work is hardly a pre-requisite in CAT. Its only a minor factor.
In mid 2008, I got a call to join IIM Shillong, the newest IIM. I had almost decided to join it out of my frustration(that I might never ever crack CAT). But, some good sense prevailed and I didnt join it. Yet, I had left all hopes of cracking CAT. My preparation came down to a only a week of brushing up, just to convince myself that I had put in some effort. Infact, my efforts were in some other direction.
I realised the absurdity of CAT. How can we gauge a person's ability on the basis of a 2.5 hrs exam. The entire concept appeared misleading.The people who were too smart will put it across any exam they give. They comprise maybe 10% of the ppl who cract CAT and 0.0000000000000001 % of those who appear for CAT. For the rest 99.999999999999% it's luck(Atleast, that's what I think, I maybe wrong.).
The day results came. I was sure I will not make it. It was because that I was out of hope that I decided to check late.Finally, I did check my results after some days and I had made it - BLACKI . The interviews came and went in a hurry with no time to introspect.
Now that I have got thru IIM Calcutta. I can feel how my time has changed, how luck has favoured me.........Touchwood.............
From a loser who appeared to squander the minimal triumphs he deserved, I changed onto a lucky dawg who has over-achieved (By over-achieving, I don't mean IIM C is heaven. I know I have a long fight to fight. I simply mean over-achieving from my own perspective).
When I had accepted my bad luck before, now I have to accept my good luck and move ahead.
A new battle......A new life..........

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supreet said...

Dude, i believe luck, over achievement etc all these words stand good if your pursuit has already completed otherwise they still remain in pursuit.