Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 10th - Judgement Day

Started checking the results from 9 am onwards. I was not aware that IIM L and IIM C results had already been out.
I started surfing the different sites for the results. I didnt have much hope though. Was already thinking of joining NITIE, which I had converted.
First up was IIM Calcutta. My father has had a special attraction towards Bengalis and Calcutta.
I like Bengali men(meek and chain-smokers), but not women(very shrewd). I know....very tongue-in-cheek :D
Results were out.
Closed my eyes with a silent prayer on my lips... I was through.
I went berserk....Started dancing...For 2-3 mins,checked again and again my name....
I didn't worry anymore. IIM A ka dekh lenge baad main. I was so relieved.... Called up mom and told her the good news. And was she not happy. I felt really happy that finally I have made my dad and mom proud.
Later, checked IIM L,I,K results. All were converted.
I was in another room, when I got a call that IIM A results are out. I haven't got thru. I felt a bit dejected. Had always dreamt of studying in IIM A.
Took solace from getting a seat in IIM Calcutta.....
I guess life has a taken different and unexpected turn. Life at Joka will be fun...


Swamy Saran Atul said...

well...GLC and I had the same CAT center. I guess GLC brings good luck to all acquaintances :D

SURABHI said...

hmm...your GLC brought gud luck to both of u...but her luck was very bad that day :(