Tuesday, April 14, 2009

IIM C - Fiasco

It was Saturday evening.A perfect chill-out time. The next day will be a holiday as well.
Saturday's are typically more fun than Sundays.
Cut back to the moment...
Swamy calls me and gives me a heart-attack. "IIMC ne results update kar diya.Pagalguy main bhag dad mach gayi hai....".
WTF.My best call and a disaster in reckoning...
A and B ne ditch mara, joka ka hi tha sahara, ab tera kya hoga Amartya ( Stop cursing me...I know it's not rhyming...)
Swamy,"Kitne logon ka kaal selected tha, aaj on-hold aa raha hai. Maine apne chk kar diya,mera selected aa raha hai.".
Me,"Mera bhi chk kar liya,My reg no is XXXXXXXXXX"
I could feel my heartbeat in my mind.
Swamy,"Tera selected dikha raha hai...."
I take a big sigh of relief.
After I reach home, I recheck my status atleast 10 times.
I have been rechecking my status each day since. Pata nahi in IIM C waalon ka,de mite push me onto on-hold status nyday.
Meanwhile, waiting for my call-letter.....

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