Monday, May 19, 2008


My eyes ache
Struck by cancerous animosities

Look into my eyes,
You will see my bleeding soul
My dwindling vision
Leaves no hope

O’ Almighty
Bless my eyes
They can’t see the world burning

A world…….
Women die as a remorseful sigh
Without even a Why.

Where paternal might
Shrouds the maternal light

The sight of plight
Is as unseen as a dark night.

The seeds of malevolent avarice
Feeds as good as rice

When it comes to self
Everything else becomes an elf.

Said the Almighty
“When the devil is in you
Why change the world?

Change thyself
And the world will change

Shouting in the dark
Doesn’t lit up the darkness

Craving for glory
Aint make up the story

Be the trigger
Wage your battle
Show your mettle

Take me not to the gallows

It takes a man to wrong
Takes another to right it

So wake up……
From the deep slumber of righteous inaction
Unto the unsheltered, untreaded domain of perilous morality

From the darkness of blissful ignorance
Unto the dreaded, deserted realm of infinite possibility.

From the dead-end of doomsday
Unto the genesis of life.”

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