Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Why MBA"

I, for one, really don’t know why exactly I want to do an MBA. The “Why MBA” question used to give me nightmares during my preparation for the PI process of IIMs. I used to get virtually raped during the mock PIs. From an all-knowing Harry, I used to become a bloody Mary.
During my prep, if there was any question that made me nervous, it was this question. “Why MBA”.
This question is a torture for all aspirants. People cook up all sorts of stories to convince the interviewers. The interviewers are shrewd enough to understand that. Anyways, they get some inkling of the logical thought procedure I guess. It’s purely suicidal to get emotional and think by the heart, while answering the question. The best answer any aspirant has given to the question, “Why MBA” is “Why Not MBA!!!!!!!!!”. Pretty tongue-in-cheek. Not wise to try it out during an actual PI. Remember the warning on TV, "These actions are performed by professionals, please don't try it out at home". Replace professionals by fools and "home" by "PI".
Somehow, I had prepared an essay as to why I wanted to do an MBA. I had connected one of my tech projects and my social service initiatives and came up with a decent answer to the killer question, ”Why MBA”. Although, I was not entirely convinced, I had decided to project as if it’s my raison d'être, my sole goal of life. How inspiring!!!!!!!!!!
You have the best profile, you have the best percentile and you are the best orator, but the “Why MBA” can stump you by a long margin.
During the IIM PIs, whenever I was asked the “Why MBA”, I used to repeat the same answer again and again. Yes, like a parrot. LOL. I used to say it with such passion, that it looked very authentic.
However, All’s Well That Ends Well. Now, that I have cracked IIMs, I can make a mockery of the question, “Why MBA”. Else, it would have been the IIM’s way of asking “Why MBA, dude????? Don’t care to apply again”.


SURABHI said...

vry funny...:)


yeah correct...this is the toughest question one could ever have in PIs...the bit about "why not MBA" is the ans..U managed it.thats great..:)