Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost

Just when you know where you are heading, life throws a beamer at you. The beamer may give you some free runs or it may hurt you real bad.
While I had almost made up my mind to join IIM C, there was this something that I missed. I knew studying in IIM C is itself a dream to die for. The fact was that I had always dreamt of joining IIM A or IIM B.
But this yearning was a minute element of my thought at that time. I was so happy that I would study in IIM C. I was attending the TIME felicitation ceremony. While I was thinking I would say this and that in my speech, I didn’t get the opportunity to speak. Not that I was dying to speak, I nevertheless expected that I would be asked to speak. As it happened, the students who had got thru IIM A or IIM B were given more opportunities to speak. Felt sad at not getting the acclaim I had thought I deserved.
Cut-back to 2008, I was so frustrated that I could even kill someone to join MDI if I would have converted. And now in 2009, though I had got a GD/PI call from MDI, I didn’t even attend the GD/PI. Circumstances can change so dramatically. You can so easily change from a pauper to a king and vice-versa.
In the TIME meet, after the speeches, we went for a lunch. The food was good, so were the junta. I didn’t allow any disappointment or inferiority complex to creep in. I decided to be satisfied with what I had. Life’s bliss only if you believe it to be. Depends upon what you find bliss in. One of my friends who had got thru IIM A told us that IIM B is coming out with a 2nd Waitlist. Though he had already converted 5 IIMs, he wanted to convert IIM B so that “it would complete the picture”.
I remember a famous dialogue from the word “picture”, “Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost” .
Strangely, the aforesaid dialogue applied for me. As if life had not taken enough ups and downs. I found my name in the waitlist on May 2nd.
When the results had been declared, a first waitlist of 50 people had been declared. I wasn’t there. In the second waitlist of 50, I was way down at 37.
I asked myself now what. Chances didn’t appear rosy. My admission into IIM B depended upon how many people from the waitlist didn’t accept the offer of admission. On May 2nd, 15 people of the 50 waitlisted guys were offered admission. Some hopes arose.
Subsequently, on May 9th, 15 more offered admission. My new waitlisted number was 7. So near yet so far. I used to check the pagalguy threads time and again waiting for updates. Felt like two strong forces were attracting me towards each other. I didn’t know whether to love IIM C or IIM B at this crucial juncture. At one end, I assure myself that IIM C is a great institute. But at the other end, unknowingly, I would start dreaming of IIM B. So, typically confused. I used to pick up the mobile to call IIM B and know about my chances and then used to keep it down, thinking they will call on their own.
I was really afraid of disappointment. Here I was dreaming of IIM B, what if I don’t get thru. I called up IIM B and asked them about the status on May 13th. The lady told me that the status can be only known on May 16th Saturday. I told ok. Back to square one. Had had enough.
It was on May 15th, that the unexpected happened. Got a call from IIM B. I had been offered admission. Took some moments to recollect and then accepted the admission.
But my admission let loose another tide of problems which I will capture in the next blog.

P.S – This blog was not as funny as the earlier one, "Why MBA". My apologies.
P.P.S – People are not leaving comments. I mean it’s nice to receive comments. Atleast, I can know someone is reading the shit I have written. I will be inspired to write more shit…..hehehe.



all your writtings are completely and properly described,which feels as if reading a story...i read ur poems,but now stories...keep it up..

Akashmika said...

Wonderful... Good work Keep it up !!! All your agonies that you have gone through are described as if we ourselves have gone through the pain ...

Chitta.... said...

CAT CAT CAT... kabhi to dusre ki bare mein bhi blog mein likha kaar

Pankaj Upadhyay said...

Nice one Amartya!! And Congrats for getting into IIM C ...Way to go, Man..

Amartya Singh said...

@Pankaj I had initially got thru IIM C.Later I converted IIM B n hence joining IIM B.

bikash said...

Gopo, you really drive people to their tenterhooks whenever they read your stuffs may be poems, personal writings, etc. But your experience at the threshold of making into IIMs is beyond praise. I was never into IIMs race, but can still feel my Adrenalin rush. It feels to me each time i go through your posts as if I am standing at the same crossroads. Keep it up dude...

Swamy Saran Atul said...

honcho :P