Wednesday, February 27, 2008


There came an angel
Out of the blue,
Bringing with her all lively hue.

She stood there
In the melting silhouette
Of a freezing vignette.

To change my story.
From a falling star to a rising horizon.
From a sinking ship to a glorified torch-bearer.
From a dying breeze to a forceful wind.

I shouted,
“Don’t come near my mocking-bird
My life’s always been a surd.”

The angel smiled and said.
“Your tears
Are not the rains
That bring a smile to the grieving heart.

They are the waves
That threaten to drown you.

Life is not about the road forsaken,
It is all about the one taken.

When there’s a world to conquer,
Why a diffident swagger?
Better a peak-ranger than a hapless stranger.

So, dream….
For a moment of golden cherish
Rather than a lament of sad perish.
For a spell of virgin incline
Rather than a fall of steep decline.”

My tears stopped.
My life changed.
I promised to dream.

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