Thursday, December 13, 2007

Where there is a will,there is a way

You are possessed.
A hint of frivolity.
An attempt at frugality.

You choose to be the raccoon,
Trapped in your surreal cocoon.
Where never, never exists.
But that saying persists,
Only if fate resists.

Tethered limbs break your march,
Shattered dreams bend like an arch.

So lost,
You are in the endless travails
Of conceit and envy
That you miss the magic
Of the power of will.

A will so potent,
Swelling with triumphant intent.

A will that,
Wings the stunted dreams
And caresses the morose scenes.

Such a will to unearth,
Takes a life's worth.

But if it’s yours
The world will be yours.

The world waits for u
O’ victor
Grasp the will
And be the vector.


surabhi said...
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surabhi said...

hey....very nice explaination of how obstacles stop us from achieving our goals and the one who possesses the fire to succeed,
always wins.