Saturday, September 1, 2007

Chak De

Chak De,India.What a movie!!!Satisfied all the senses of a cine-lover.Interesting Script,inspired,perfect acting from otherwise unknown actors,no overdoses of drama,SRK and finally a movie in which a sport is actually played with the right technique,not made to look like simply carrying out the motions.The movie really touches a chord,but did it succeed in actually making people realise not to judge sportsmen by their off-days or on-days and in more importantly giving the much required fillip to the much-undermined,but so-called national game of India, hockey(especially women's).
Now there's a lot of talk going on abt Chak-De as in the title-track of Chak De,"reeton ke daane main,filmon ke gaane main,sadkon ke gaddhe main,baaton ke adde main.....".But lets see how far the momentum actually gets carried.Media and press are the eyes and ears of general public.The media,instead of raising brouhaha over the actors of the movie and SRK,could do well by actually
raising the topic of upliftment of hockey.The IHF could do well to actually make some hay while the sun is shining.For starters if India actually wins the ongoing Asia Cup,it might work wonders for the game.India has made the right start by winning the opener against China,a usual nemesis.
Indian hockey can take some inspiration from football.Football
history was recently created in the Nehru Cup,in which out of the 5 teams,two were higher ranked than in-the-end victorious India,creating some interest in football.
There really needs to be atleast some game India can revel in.Its so disappointing that inspite of the fact that India doesnt do so well in cricket,still its given da numero uno status.And what more the coffers of BCCI is ever swelling.Time for cricket to move over........


Swamy Saran Atul said...

sahi angrezi! plz blog more regularly....i desperately need to improve my reading skills before CAT-2007....and they say reading good literature helps :)

Amrita said...

That was a really good write up. Very well thought and organised. I totally agree with you on the dismal affair of things currently ruling the roost in India.

Anonymous said...

Cricket offers good money and a career in ads( ofcors till u are in the team.)Politics still rules in every game.
The chak DE fever will wear off with time.But the ques is why a country with over a billion ppl cannot produce good players and teams which will take on the world.Other sports dont appear glamorous and hence dont get much sponsorship.
What is the lacking factor then??I feel huge funds need to be invested and proper training facilities need to be provided..