Monday, September 20, 2010

I Await My Mother

My light of life.

I call her light,
I call her life.

The red color of my kite.
My hope,
My sun after a dark night.

My soul understands no other love.
Only the unbridled, infinite love of my mother
Satiates my soul.

O’ Mother,
Save me from me.
My life hurts.

I am afraid…..

Afraid of the darkness of Solitude,
Which haunts me.

Afraid of the glares of doubts,
My mirror throws at me.

Afraid of the pangs of desire,
That push me unto an unholy pyre.

Afraid of the insinuations of the soul,
So vulnerable against the social whole.

I know my mother,
You will save me.

As you did,
When I was frail
And had no tale.

When I was alone,
Crawling into a world unknown.

When the world cursed me with distaste,
You changed my world in such haste!

My heart kisses your feet,
O’ My Mother,
My soul bares itself before you.

My shame vanishes before you,
O’ My Mother,
My pain becomes a memory.

My dying sun breathes again,
O’ My Mother,
When you shower your love on me.

My life changes when you,
O’ My Mother,
Take it in your holy hands.

Come save me!

From the traps of this self-pity,
This undying adversity.

Before I die without a life,
With dejection burning inside me like a hot knife.

I know my Mother,
You will save me.

And then,
My sinking glory
Will give way to a new story.

My tormented soul
Will find its own goal.

I await you
My Mother,

I so await you…..

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