Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Taare Zameen Par - The Story(II)

While the classes were going on unhindered. We were moving ahead with our other initiatives.
With the various entrance exams, my attention was sort of dwindling. Just when we thought, we needed more volunteers. We got more than we had asked. We had PR, CH, GA, KUN and AS.
All of them brought something new and novel into our group. Whenever we used to have our group meetings after the Sunday classes, there was a surfeit of ideas. This time though the ideas were discussed within the realms of feasibility. Some of the ideas did went on to become true.
While we were seriously thinking about a new plan for the betterment of the students. I came up with the idea of setting up a library in Nai Disha. But, the real problem was the funds.
In this regard, I founded the “Samsung Social Welfare Committee” in Samsung with the permission of our managers in SISC. With the help of funds collected from employees of Samsung, we set-up the library in Nai Disha. We asked them to read the books and tell us what they understood. The next week, the enthusiasm of the students for the books justified our belief. I believe the students gained a lot of knowledge and the employees of Samsung got a chance to contribute towards the betterment of society.
Papa John(A pizza restaurant) was conducting a painting/drawing competition for students of class IV and V.
We had to take them in the chilling morning at 9 am to Papa Johns. As usual, I was more interested in the free cold drinks and chips offered. Enough of joking round. The students had painted so well, I was stumped by their creativity. I could realize the talent that these kids had. Coming from a background where creativity and dreams are shoved away into obscurity and preferred to be ignored, it was all the more incredible. One of the students, Pinky actually won an award.
The students were very excited after the event. Social events do help us shed off our inhibitions and coyness. It helped them be more confident. I could see the glitter in their eyes at the mention of a competition.
P.S – I had forgotten to mention RB in my last post. She was very much a part of our Sunday classes. My sincerest apologies to her. Her contributions have been immense. She’s soon going to tie the knot. Congratulations to her.
P.P.S – Next up is the final chapter of my TZP story. I will cover the most initiative we had taken and had completed successfully. This chapter will cover the year 2009. This and the previous one covered the year 2008.

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