Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I conquered what I saw.
I was the lone soul
of my victorious sojourn.

I was on a never-never land.
A land
As unseen as a midnight sun,
As blissful as a first kiss.

The world was under my feet.
And as mind lagged behind ego,
I deemed fate was defeated.

But it all changed as did fate,
I went from
Sheer delirium to abject misery.
And then from
Abject misery to nightmarish doom

The very traces left behind
Had been rubbed off by the
Ever-deceitful fate.
I had no path to escape or return

I was forever lost in the
Wilderness of blind,dark alleys.
I cried for His mercy.

" If life was only a tale of
the hanker to conquer.
I prefer a thousand deaths.
Better a
cadaver of holy silence,
Than a
spirit of derisive dereliction.
Then why run after a mere mirage.

Success is like sand in hand.
The more is dear,
The more it's end comes near.

Whatever you want comes at a price,
And that you have to pay.
But fortunes do change as do human. "

Said God with mighty alacrity
and sublime dignity.

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