Friday, January 14, 2011

Life without you

A voice inside me calling out for you.

Oh, I am nothing without you!

I can feel your heart beat against me.

Is it me or my mind is playing with me?

Words escape my love for you.

Why is it so dark without you?

Oh, why did you let me go.

Was your promise so easy to forgo?

What my eyes say, the world doesn't understand.

The bird of my heart has no sky, no land.

Alone in crowds am I,

I look inside and ask why?

All I can feel inside is the pain.

Oh, I want to fall in love all over again.

So tired from the facades of the scheming world,

I have no story left to be told.

Take me away

Far from the limits of the mind,

Far from the tragedies of the kind.

Near to the realms of your touch,

Oh God, tell me am I asking too much?

I want to lie beside you,

Your voice is the only thing I know.

While I play with your hair,

Let the stars above stare.

I love you.

From the dawn of my birth

Unto the dusk of this life and forth.

I live for you

And will happily die for you!


Manjusha Singh said...

Nice one... seems straight from the heart...

Manjusha Singh said...

I reread again....and find it all the more more beautiful each time....